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Junction Produce Neck Pad
Our Price: $25.00

Junction Produce Mission neck pads are made of memory foam which will take the shape of your neck, but still pretty firm to hold your neck. They are wrapped in durable synthetic leathers.

They come in five different color combinations.

Black with White, Black, Red, and Gold stitching

White with Silver stitching

The price is for single neck pad.

Junction Produce Leather Half Pillowe
Our Price: $25.00

Junction Produce Leather Half Pillow.

Junction Produce Fusa
Our Price: $35.00

Junction Produce Fusa is a must have item for any VIP car. This is the essence of Japan VIP customization that its existence can not be ignored by anyone.

They come in variety of shape, sizes, and colors.

Three type of knots, Single, Kikuo (Multi petals), and Agemaki Knot (Twin petals)

Three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

Different colors and color combinations.

Junction Produce Satin Cushion
Our Price: $35.00

Junction Produce Satin Cushion.

Junction Produce Mini Fusa Cell Straps
Our Price: $35.00

Junction Produce mini Fusa cell strap.

They come in .... White, Black, White/Red, White/Purple, Silver, Red, Purple

Junction Produce Leather Like Tissue Cover
Our Price: $40.00

Junction Produce leather like tissue cover with white embroidery on the side. Fully zipped to cover small tissue box. It comes in two colors, Black and Tan.
Junction Produce Monogram Curtain Straps
Our Price: $40.00

Junction Produce Monogram Curtain Straps.

These are made of synthetic leather.

They come in a pair.

Junction Produce Fusa Shield
Our Price: $45.00

Junction Produce Fusa Shield.
Junction Produce Leather Pillow
Our Price: $80.00

Junction Produce Leather Pillow.

Junction Produce KimuTsuna
Our Price: $110.00

Junction Produce Tsuna  is one of the most popular VIP accessories in Japan. Its originated from Danjiri festival in souther part of Osaka.

It comes in 9 different colors.