Do what you like, you can't please everyone !!

Dude, This is like JDMPalace Yep thats how it all started late 2004 in my garage in Northern California when a friend of mine came up with the name one night after drooling over newly landed JDM parts. (Yes we had a big white house and thats where the name palace was so perfect)

I have been importing parts for my own cars since early 2000s. But after hanging out with friends, and going to different car shows more people showed interests and asked if I could import some parts for them from Japan and help them with their projects and that
s how it all started.

I never had storefront since this was more of a hobby and helping people who contacted me. The company grew more and 15 years later we have 5-6 containers leaving Japan filled with parts and cars for customers and different shops.

We are mainly third party importer and authorized dealer for many different Japanese companies. If you do not see the name of the company you are interested in please send us an email support@jdmpalace.com and Im pretty sure we are able to help you out. one hint, do your shopping first cause I'm sure we can beat others prices.